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All over the island, we meet the giant, in the shape of the mountain that rises from the sea and up into the clouds last. In the stories of dramatic battles between fragile whaling boats and mighty sperm whales around the precious Tran-oil. In the people that turned with the mobilization of all their forces in the dark lava stone – build in houses, vineyards and arable land.

Pico travelers enter a small world that over the centuries has been established by whalers, farmers and fishermen. The island offers contrasting holiday experiences. From the bare rock walls of an extinct volcano, as Figs and vines full of sweet fruit, this breathtaking expansive views, there restful villages, perched high above the sea.

 White and black houses ingrained green Forests.

The scattered villages hidden along the coast between the vineyards and green vegetation is seen as Pico's unique appearance. The houses are built of dark lava-blocks, all greens and blooms in the gardens and flower pots. In small ports, fishing boats dance on the water.

In the cities of Lajes, São Roque and Madalena are interesting examples of centuries-old history and art.

The Village Piedade receives visitors with its remarkable church, picturesque streets, ending to the sea, where vineyards situated on the border of the houses.
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